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Pond/Stream Restoration
Sports Fields & Golf Course Grading
Steffee Surfaces has over thirty years of expert experience in creating perfect riding arenas and twenty years in heavy construction. We are committed to all of your surfacing project needs including:
Ponds and Stream Restorations
Sports fields: golf course grading, tennis and basketball courts, ballfields
Precision grading: rental and construction
Riding Arenas
Large Tree Removal
Any other home or business surfacing construction, including additional grading, drainage, and site improvements.
Once your project needs have been determined, we will provide you with a fair estimate of the cost of your project. Tour our site and see some of our recent projects.
Steffee Surfaces is committed to offering you the best drainage, grading, and construction. We offer the best surfaces from the ground up!
Precision Grading
Riding Arenas
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