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Pond/Stream Restoration
Sports Fields & Golf Course Grading
Steffee Surfaces is committed to the restoration and preservation of natural ponds and streams to maintain the ecological integrity of the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled operators of the heavy equipment needed for each restoration project focus on minimizing negative impact to the environment. Our staff has the necessary experience to perform construction oversight on our projects and works closely with all necessary state and local environmental departments to provide project design, supervision, and implementation of the restoration.
Our core services for rebuilding our waterways and bettering our environment include:
Channel excavating, grading, and construction
Installing in-stream structures and various materials for riverbank stabilization
Restoring eroded riverbanks
Erosion control
Wetland construction to absorb storm run-off and act as filtration system
Large tree transplanting
Planting and seeding
At Steffee Surfaces, we believe in doing our part to preserve and maintain the environment. Use our experience to make sure your restoration project is done right.
Precision Grading
Riding Arenas
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