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Pond/Stream Restoration
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Exceptional footing is the foundation of our company. At Steffee Surfaces, we strive to provide the best surface for your horse from the ground up.

We have constructed or resurfaced world class arenas with our solutions in some of the premier horse show locations including:
The Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), Wellington, FL
Charlotte Jumper Classic, Charlotte, NC
The Cleveland Horse Show, Moreland Hills, OH
With over thirty years in the horse industry and over 20 years in heavy construction we are uniquely positioned to provide the best quality arenas in the world because our arenas are built for horsemen by horseman. We truly understand your needs!
World Class 2000 Footing System
Steffee Surfaces installs an arena system providing the best all-weather footing possible. The footing uses the "Ebb and Flow" notion that you can associate with the sand at the edge of the ocean. The closer you are to the ocean water, the firmer the sand is. Alternatively, the further you get from the water, the looser - and deeper - the sand becomes. Using this system, you can adjust the level of water in your arena to exactly the firmness that you desire. In addition, you will not be hindered in the event of rainy weather because the system pumps the excess water away so as to eliminate any puddles.
Steffee Surfaces specializes in spectacular equine landscapes. Whether you need specialized riding surfaces, cleared space for paddocks or water management issues we can help. Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.
Precision Grading
Riding Arenas
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