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Pond/Stream Restoration
Sports Fields & Golf Course Grading
Steffee Surfaces offers precision grading services for all types of Sports Fields. Athletes of all ages require level and smooth playing fields to insure their safety and performance. Whether your needs are to construct a new sports field or require a solution to a maintenance or drainage issue, Steffee Surfaces is the expert that can provide the latest technology in field leveling and expert handling of your project. For new construction of fields including baseball, soccer, football, bowling greens and tennis courts, we build to your design specifications. In addition, we specialize in new golf tee grading and construction as well as golf tee renovation. We also provide level sub-grades for home and commercial construction projects.
Construction and Grading
Precisions grading for level tees
State of the art technology ensures exact results
Minimal turnaround time for tee renovation
Restoration to other parts of the golf course.
Precision Grading
Riding Arenas
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